Scrapbook Gallery is up!

The blog is finally up and moving. Check out our cute girls Ariel and Bacardi. Learn a little bit about each of us, and definitely check out the two galleries.  Cami does exceptional work with her pictures. I should know she made me look great when she did pictures for me and my boyfriend David!  I have a few examples of my paper bag scrapbooks, and a few pages from a couple of scrapbooks I’ve worked on for my mom. Yes, at some point I was that young I still can’t believe that. Both galleries will likely change on a regular basis, based on our current projects so be sure to check them regularly. We will also let you know when we perform an update! Our goal is to post at least once a day if not more! So keep yourself updated.  For a sneak preview of the scrapbook gallery, here is a page I did from a vacation a couple of years ago with my family!


Whatever your hobby is I hope you get a chance to enjoy it today~!

~ Nicole

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