A jealous dog, but a completed project!

So lately, I have found that unless I work on projects at one o’clock in the morning, nothing ever seems to get done. I see these big sad eyes and then comes the wet nose. Yep, the wet nose to the arm is the worse. The simple  gesture is trying to tell me, “enough with the work already, I want to play”. Bacardi, my little boxer mix, with more energy than she knows how to control, knows how to use those big sad eyes to get what she wants. To say she is spoiled is an understatement. To say my sister Liz and I have a handful to deal with, very true. Seriously though, could you say no to her? She just wants to play.


So, since she made sure I wasn’t going to complete a project without her interferring, I decided to complete a project with her in it. I had a plain wooden frame laying around, and of course some pictures of my spoiled baby. So it was only natural the two would come together to make, one super cute picture frame! Let me know what you think! Image

Hopefully everyone is finding the time in their busy schedules to Love Thy Hobby!


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