Celebrating July 4th our way!

Well, my Independence Day was low-key this year. Not bad – just different than ever before. In fact, I had a wonderful day. Nicole came down to Indianapolis to spend the day with me since she was off and my other half had to work. She is such a great friend! She never takes no for an answer and she never has to know what is going on to be there to tell me that everything will work out. She has been nothing less than an angel for me the past 6 months. I’m very grateful for her – but enough gushing over Nicole! Back to business!! The two of us spent our day crafting some beautiful greeting cards (who can really be surprised by this?). Less than an hour after she walked through the door, my table looked like this:

I know, I know it is a bit on the wild side. However, this is how we roll. We were very serious about getting some cards done and nothing was going to distract us from our mission. Well…not quite. We got work done but only as an added bonus to our fun and laughter.  We put her Cricut to use tonight. Our finished products:

I am so pleased with how many we were able to complete and how well they all came out. I am glad we created our own way to celebrate the July 4th holiday. Great times often involve hobbies! We also managed to take a minute (literally) out of our day to sign up for Twitter so be sure to follow us @lovethyhobby!

So how did you spend your 4th?

3 thoughts on “Celebrating July 4th our way!

  1. bethie8 says:

    I am scrapbooker so therefore you would think that I could make cards easily but for some reason this is not the case. I have to use card templates in order to get a decent card completed. Maybe one day my creative juices will enable me to make cards as well LOL.

    Beautiful cards I hope that one day I can make some like that!

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