Recycled Materials – Gift Box

I like to recycle. It makes me feel better about all of the other things that I do that is not environmentally friendly. Quite frankly, my fiance could care less and pretty much thinks that it is a hassle to have to sort out materials. The best part about convincing him to play along is that our apartment complex has a recycling center so we don’t have to go very far. Since we have yet to go this week, we had some cereal boxes laying around. So, my latest project is a gift box made from the cardboard of cereal boxes.

My inspiration came from a tutorial I saw over at She Wears Flowers . I changed nearly everything to make it fit to what I wanted but I used her techniques. I even made a lid! I will definitely be crafting more projects using the cardboard from food containers. It’s good for the environment and you get even more bang for your buck because you have already paid for it. Final product:


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