Supporting Our Troops

aka Long Weekend in South Bend – Part 2

The real purpose that I went to South Bend was to work on more greeting cards. We stumbled upon an organization called Cards for Soldiers. Cards for Soldiers’ mission is to send handmade, blank cards to deployed units for the soldiers to use to write to family and friends. Nicole and I thought that this is a wonderful cause and a fantastic reason to get together to make as many cards as we could.

At the end of the weekend we ended up with a good number of cards. We overcame a few distractions that were in the form of movies – specifically, one Lifetime movie that was 4 hours long but too engaging to turn away from. I know, I know…we could have done some serious card-making during that time. Breaks are good though, right? We also had to keep our two dogs separated because they could only play nice with each other for 30 seconds at a time. Where was “The Dog Whisperer” when we needed him? Anyway, we are individually making a few more to send out before the July 30th deadline. I encourage you to take a look into Cards for Soldiers or research another organization that facilitates ways that you can show your support for the men and women that serve our country. I am certain that we will be making donations to this organization in the future. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND OUR TROOPS!

How do you show support for our troops?

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