Setting Goals, Completed Goals and our own Domain Name

We did it! Love Thy Hobby has our own domain now! just looks so much nicer without the lengthened WordPress smashed in the middle. If you don’t believe us just take a look for yourself and decide!

Pretty awesome right! We definitely love thy hobby!!! Ok enough bragging about our awesome name!

I visited Indy yesterday. I know what you are thinking, Cami and I make a lot of traveling trips to “CRAFT” with each other. Six hours roundtrip is a long way to go to craft with friend! So worth it though!  If you talk to Cami about the traveling she will tell you she is on a mission, of her own, to get me to Indianapolis. She may have succeeded this weekend. More on that discussion later.

I went to Indianapolis to complete our goal for the Cards for Soldiers. We wanted a total of fifty cards and we did it! Hopefully it will add to a nice donation for the July 30th deadline!!  Here’s a picture of our little box filled with our hard work!!

As always working together was filled with many laughs, interesting conversations, and of course a new set of goals. We definitely believe in setting goals! Now that the goal of getting our own domain is set, it’s time to work towards our next goal. It’s time to set up shop! Online of course. We have been reviewing our different options, and seem to be leaning towards Etsy. Anyone have any others they currently use or love? Or even any opinions for or against Etsy. Let us know what you use or love!!

As always Love Thy Hobby!


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