Crafting for the Long Distance

So my boyfriend David is lucky enough to get lots of handmade gifts. Haha.. Actually I’m lucky enough that he appreciates the work that goes into making them. For many of you that don’t know, David and I are in a long distance relationship.  I’m currently living in Indiana and he’s in Virginia.. Yep a beautiful almost 800 miles away. We make it work. Mostly by making sure we don’t forget to let each other know we care. I like to believe we keep the post office in business. Anyway, I recently sent a package to him that focused on our long distance relationship. Lately its been a struggle, but who needs all that drama. Lets get on to the good  stuff..

For this box I made two different cards, and a picture frame….

The first card is a little boring to the second card..With the second card I even decorated the envelope. The SWAK stands for “Sealed With a Kiss”

I really like this card. The blue and black on the side was some cute ribbon I found in the dollar bin at Michael’s. I love Michael’s dollar ribbon bin. Ribbon always adds a little something to the card!!

Look the ribbon even added a nice accent on the inside!!! Ok I might like the ribbon a little too much.

I thought some might be interested in seeing the accent on top of the ribbon! I love the saying live laugh love, and thought this metal accent fit perfectly! Again another great sale at Michael’s! Even had a 20 percent off entire purchase. Perfect shopping trip!!

Ok those are the two cards. Here’s the picture frame!

I saw something similar on Pinterest, and decided to tweak it to fit my own needs. Haha well you get the idea… Well that’s all I have for today…

Love Thy Hobby!!

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