Who Needs Some Cards?

So we have some new goals set: It’s time to start working on some more cards. This time we are thinking about box sets to sell during the Christmas season. Yes, we know it is still July. However, we have some serious goals in mind. We are hoping you have some serious goals of buying in mind too! Just a thought!!

So with the new goals in mind that means more traveling. I should really invest in an apartment in Indy. I hear one in Cami’s building just opened up 😉 ….. Any who, this time I am not the one doing the traveling. I am leaving the traveling up to Cami. Hopefully, this time there will be less Lifetime movie watching, and more getting work done time. Hey, we all have our guilty pleasures. Everyone needs a Lifetime movie once in a while!

So, being the good friend that I am, I spent some time organizing, and doing a little cleaning. I don’t want Cami reporting back here that I have a messy house. Which is the truth, unless I know company is coming!

Here is what my dining room/new craft room looks like before Cami’s arrival..

I will let you know what it looks like after she leaves. She can be so messy sometimes!!! 😉

I hope everyone remembers to Love Thy Hobby!

P.S. seriously think about emailing one of us and getting some quotes on some handmade cards. Nothing makes a great gift more personal than a handmade card!!!

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