Crafting Jealousy

Cami and Bacardi seem to have a love hate relationship. Whenever Cami comes to town Bacardi is instantly on high alert. Since the last time Cami stayed and brought Ariel with her, and we spent most of the weekend keeping our two pups apart, we decided that Ariel would stay at home. Bacardi didn’t seem to believe that Ariel wasn’t with Cami. She didn’t give Cami an inch of space the entire weekend. I keep telling Cami it’s because Bacardi loves her, I don’t think she is buying it though. This weekend Bacardi tried to make a snack out of some of Cami’s scrapbook supplies. Which of course didn’t end well. She also kept sniffing around, probably looking for Ariel to pop out of one of Cami’s bags. She literally put her nose in one as if to make sure nothing was going to sneak up on her. My little pup isn’t much for sharing space.  (Def. working on this)Finally after countless attempts to get us to play when we were in the crafting zone Bacardi decided to take a new course of action.  

If you can’t play with the scrapbook paper, eat the scrapbook paper, or make it your new friend, then the only choice you have is to protect it. Or in this case sleep. When all else fails a good nap will help decide the next course of action.

P.S. Those are Cami’s legs which further solidifies my statement that she loves Cami and just wants to be next to her!!

Well it’s off to take Bacardi to Great Grandma’s house! Where she will be spoiled with doggy ice cream and a few treats! It’s a rough life for the baby!!

As always Love Thy Hobby!!!

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