So, Wednesday’s have always been the blah day in the week for me. It’s not the beginning of the week, which is good. It’s also just not close enough to the weekend to elicit any excitement. So I was trying to think of a great blog post that would make the blah day seem just a little better and here’s what I came up with, GIVEAWAY WEDNESDAY! Yes, that sounds much better than almost to the weekend Wednesday.  Cami and I have been working hard on multiple projects for the multiple ideas we have spinning around in our head. You have seen some mention about hopefully opening a shop soon. One where, hopefully, all of our bloggers will find a handmade item they would love to purchase for their friends or family.  Those items are in the works. For now we’re having a GIVEAWAY! I capitalize this because nothing is more exciting than getting something for free!!! Now, like the saying goes nothing in life is free. However, the absolute only thing you have to do for a chance at the free GIVEAWAY is leave a comment on this post! Even just a simple comment like hi, or even just commenting your name gives you the chance to win. This is all you have to do to be entered to win the free GIVEAWAY.  Next Wednesday we will take all the bloggers names, in the comments, and pick one lucky winner to receive the prize!

Now I’m sure many of you are thinking, what in the heck are we giving away? Remember that post I had about starting little gift bags with cards? If you need a little reminder check here ,gift bags. Well, we decided what better way to try out the gift bags then to have a GIVEAWAY for our great bloggers!!

The gift bag comes with 5 cards with envelopes that includes:

2 Thank You Cards

1 Love

1 Happy Birthday

1 Believe ~ Could be used for Birthday

What do you think? Wouldn’t you like to win this pack of cards!?

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post before 9/8/2012 at 8 pm Eastern time! At that time Love Thy Hobby will draw the winner and announce the winner!! Hope everyone enjoys GIVEAWAY WEDNESDAY!!

As always Love Thy Hobby!!!

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