Coming Monday – Hobby Highlight!

I am so excited to share that we will be featuring our first Hobby Highlight post this coming Monday, August 6th. It is important that we try to stay as well-rounded as possible here on Love Thy Hobby. There are tons of hobbies out there and I am sure that it would get boring to only hear about what Nicole and I do. Which is the exact reason that we came up with Hobby Highlight! Hobby Highlight will feature guest hobbyists (as Nicole says) that will share information about one of their hobbies. This will be a great opportunity to learn about other topics and possibly find a new hobby that might interest you!

Featured hobbyist Cheryl will share her hobby of cake decorating on Hobby Highlight.

So be sure to check back with us on Monday for our first Hobby Highlight featuring Cheryl and her hobby of cake decorating. Cheryl is a good friend of mine from South Bend. I can not put into words how amazing she is! Her baking is even more amazing and I can not wait to see what she has to share! I’m sure you won’t want to miss it!

Don’t forget that net week we are also going to be giving away a set of greeting cards on Wednesday! Be sure to comment on Nicole’s “Giveaway Wednesday” post to enter your name into the drawing!

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