The Picture Frame/Leash Organizer!

I decided to switch things up a little bit. I’m sure all of you are tired of hearing about how many adorably cute cards Cami and I can make! Which by the way you still have a chance to win a cute set of your own, don’t forget to comment on my post GIVEAWAY WEDNESDAY!  We love the likes just remember in order to qualify you need to leave a comment. It can be as simple as your name but it has to be a comment!! We look forward to hearing from everyone!

Ok back to today’s project. I know I have mentioned my lovable Bacardi on numerous occasions. As many know my sister and I are first time pet owners. So everything is new to us. Including the training classes we signed her up for, because we just weren’t cutting it ourselves.

Anyway, I have a complete OCD. Which is sometimes uncontrollable in my current living situation, but Bacardi has more than one leash, plus her harness.. which I have to say I was skeptical that a harness would make much difference in her walking, but I promise it does. There is a night/day transformation from walking her with or without the harness. She is a much nicer walker now, with her awesome harness! So if you’re having any problems with walking I recommend one.

Anyway,  back to the more than one leash plus a harness problem. The leashes are always nowhere to be found. Seriously, we have four of them, and whenever I need one I always have to go chase them down.

Well I needed to change that. Plus I haven’t painted anything for a while so I needed to work with something new… Luckily, for me, I already had a picture frame and an idea of what I wanted to do….So I was able to incorporate the best of both worlds a picture frame with a new pic of the pup, and a nice place to keep all the leashes. WIN!

So here are the materials I used:
Picture Frame    ($2.50, bought on sale originally 4.00) from I believe Michaels

White (Apple Barrel Paint)

Black (Delta Creamcoat Paint)

Metallic Copper (FolkArt Paint)

Anywhere between $1.00 to $3.00 a bottle ( I promise I would not go over a $1.50 per bottle)

Hooks (Already had from a previous project but I think I got them at the dollar store)

Stickers ($1.00)

Mod Podge (Haven’t priced in a while. It lasts forever though)

Sponge Brush (.40 Cents each unless you hit Michael’s during a sale I was able to get 20 for a dollar)

Wood Glue (Probably $3.00 a bottle)

Plus the picture in the middle cost me 2.47. Def. should have tried to make the 4 by 6 fit haha

Anyway for a grand total of about $15 in supplies. Which for me only cost $2.47, because I had everything on hand from previous projects.

This is what I came up with:

What do you think? It’s hard to see but some of the black is coming through the copper to give it some added character. I used the white paint just as a starting point. It’s not really needed but I always use it as the basecoat. Then I let that dry and put the black over it, and of course then the copper. After I let the paint dry I applied two coats of Mod Podge. I allowed about 20 minutes between adding the first coat and the second coat. I gave the last coat of Mod Podge a couple of hours to dry before I glued the hooks on. I’m not sure if this glue will be strong enough to hold the leashes. One fell off right after the picture was taken, but I didn’t really give it enough time to dry… So I may be looking into some Gorilla Glue! We will see!!! Well that is all I have for today!! Have you been working on any new projects? We would love to hear about them!!!

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