Hobby Highlight: Cheryl on Cake Decorating

The time is here! As I have said before, I think that it is important that LTH stays well-rounded. We are pleased with the idea of highlighting those hobbies that are different from what Nicole and I do. We hope that you enjoy Hobby Highlight and feel free to provide as much feedback as you want. We are honored to have Cheryl answer a few questions about her hobby of cake decorating. I have known her for more than 10 years now and she is indeed an amazing person. I love who she is and what she stands for. When she first told me that she was getting into cake decorating, I thought that it was a wonderful idea (even though her desserts usually don’t last long enough to be visually admired). She is a wonderful baker and her treats speak for themselves. Thank you Cheryl for answering our questions and tempting us with your delicious looking treats!


LTH: So tell us a little about yourself.

Cheryl: I am a retired Food Service Manager, wife, mother of two adults, and Grandmother to a sweet little lady bug!

LTH: How did you get into cake decorating?

Cheryl: I always enjoyed making cakes look festive and special, and after retirement I decided to learn a few techniques regarding cake decorating and took a class. Well after the first class I was hooked and took all three classes offered over the course of a whole summer!

LTH: What do you enjoy most about your hobby?

Cheryl: Every cake/cupcake is different, and I am learning new things every time I work on a new project .

Cheryl’s favorite cupcake project!

LTH: What type of things have you done to improve your skills?

Cheryl: There are all kinds of tutorials on my favorite cake website; CakeCentral.com, and I have also bought video classes on Craftsy.com; an excellent teaching site! Also, I sometimes just like to watch other people on Youtube explain their techniques. There are quite a few very gifted cake decorators who post videos there.

LTH: What has been your favorite project?

Cheryl: I would say a Mardi Gras birthday cake and a Hello Kitty cake. They both challenged me!

Hello Kitty Cake














LTH: What advice would you give someone who is interested in making cake decorating his or her new hobby?

Cheryl: If you are seriously considering it as a long-term hobby, be prepared to invest time, money, and learn everything you can. I never imagined so many people would want to buy cakes from me, but I’m glad I invested in trying to be the best cake decorator/baker I could be!

If you would like more information about Cheryl and her delicious treats, 
you can visit her catering Facebook page here or desert Facebook page here.

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