Starting out a Fan!

I’m just curious how many people out there are Florida Gator football fans? I’m sure if I asked this question to a room full of guys I would get mixed reviews. Some would claim to be the biggest fan, some would give me a million reasons why they loathe the team, and others would be completely impartial. Ok, few guys would be impartial about their football teams, and yes ladies I know I could ask the same question to a group of women and get the differing responses for or against. Personally, I’m a Notre Dame fan. It may have something to do with literally growing up minutes from the stadium. However, rather you like the game of football or not, the scene around a game day is electrifying. Seriously, if you have never been to a tailgate, or can’t stand football, for whatever reason you may have, I encourage you to still visit the field. The crowd is so full of energy. Kids are running around, the smell of popcorn, hotdogs, and other great food is in the air. Footballs are flying from amateurs, conversations are buzzing , and essentially there is a good time to be had by all.

Anyway, I’m getting distracted from the real reason behind this post. I’ve learned through watching all my cousins with their kids. (Yep, I think I will stick to the pup. )  That one thing that seems to be consistent is: they want their kids to cheer for the teams they cheer for. Which can get quite interesting in split team houses (You know who you are). Sometimes though the house is lucky enough to agree on a favorite team. That’s where this post becomes a project, and one little girl embarks on a journey of becoming the Florida Gators number one fan! Totally kidding.  Hey when she turns five she might just decide Notre Dame rocks! Hopefully, I don’t get disowned from the Gator Family for that comment.

Anyway, this album I believe was a Target dollar bin purchase. Seriously, if you are into scrapbook-ing I totally suggest checking Target out in their dollar sections. Every once in a while they have great deals.

This was the scrapbook :










A small little eight page scrapbook. Nothing to appealing to look at. Then with a little Cricut time(the most amazing scrapbook machine ever, in my opinion), some orange and blue paper, some ribbon here, some ribbon there, add a little bling, and you come up with what I like to call: Florida Gators Number one fan, at the age of not even one, scrapbook! Simple, to the point, and just cute enough that if she decides she doesn’t like football, at least she looks good supporting her team!!








The rest of the scrapbook pages can be found in the scrapbook gallery!! Make sure you take a look!

P.S. I just want to give a huge thank you to my cousin Gretchen! She has seriously been supporting me from the beginning, and has always been completely encouraging! Also, thanks for letting me test out some new scrapbook-ing skills on your daughter’s first year pictures!!

Ok, that’s all!  Get out of here and go Love Thy Hobby!

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