The Power of the Handmade Card: Personalization

Greeting cards come in many different shape, sizes, themes, and prices. You can walk into a store and spend hours trying to pick the one card that says everything you want it to say. Well not really everything you want it to say , because it is really hard to find that one perfect card that nails everything right on the head. Even then, if you find the perfect card, you have to make sure it has the perfect price tag. Lets face it, just like gas prices, card prices are greatly inflated. So my question is, why not go somewhere you know you will get what you’re looking for? Well, recently it seems my sister has caught onto this idea. Or maybe she just decided telling me what she needs out of  a card is easier than going to stand in the store looking for the perfect one.

However, I must say the most recent card requirements were a bit of a challenge for me. My sister has a friend getting ready to leave for college. She wanted something on the inside (as in joke). Something he would understand, but I’m pretty sure no one attending his college would be able to look at the card and comprehend.

The first requirement is it needs to have a toothpick.

Yes, if you are scratching your head I sympathize. This was my first reaction also. Then I considered the possibilities. Maybe he always gets things stuck in his teeth, maybe he will be baking a cake and needs to check if it’s done, or maybe he just has a fascination with toothpicks. Ok, seriously a fascination with toothpicks?

Anyway, some background on this situation. My sister and her friend are both working together at a daycare. Where they take the older kids to the pool. Lucky right? Well, apparently there is this intense game they play called, ok I don’t know the name, but “Attack the Toothpick” would be good. Apparently someone takes a handful of toothpicks to the bottom of the pool, and as they float back up two teams (one person from each team) try to collect as many as possible. I’m sure there is more involved, and if anyone knows they can fill in the blanks.

Anyway, requirement two. The school he will be attending. Wabash, with the colors red and white.

Finally requirement three. Not girly. Ok, I added the last one, because she went through the box I had of completed cards, and complained they all were too girly. Not at all what she needed. I forgot I’m only here to please her!

So, after trying to decide how to use the toothpick, I mean it’s not everyday I’m asked to use one in a card. I considered the point of the game: big pool, teeny tiny toothpick, and went with hiding the toothpick.

Here is what I came up with:








Yep, so there it is, the little tag goes in so the toothpick is hiding. The card is blank inside to write in. I’m sure there are more inside jokes to be told.

So what do you think? I don’t think you could go to Hallmark to pick this bad boy up. Definitely the power of a handmade card. I hope he enjoys his one of a kind toothpick card!

As always I hope everyone is Loving Thy Hobby tonight!

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