At it again….Cards Cards GALORE!

The weekend has been busy. Lots of birthdays and cards to make. Some cards more challenging than others.







The best part of the weekend was having someone ask me where I bought the cute card from, and then having them look at the back to realize I made it! Yep, I did a little happy dance. Inside my head of course!! Which now I realize makes me sound crazy. Anyway. I’m going to post the rest of the cards I made on Pinterest and Facebook so make sure you check those out!

Another fun fact I learned this weekend, I mentioned David’s birthday was in August, and Liz (my sister) her boyfriend Josh’s birthday is in August, and I just received a request from my brother Joe for a birthday card for his girlfriend who just makes it into August on the very last day.  So August for this family has some serious partying going on! I can’t wait to post their cards though, after they get to see them of course! They turned out even better than expected!!!

Hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend!!!

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