We would like to make an Announcement!

So, it has been awhile since we have posted anything. Apologies. Love Thy Hobby has been busy working on a big order of 50 baby announcements. Fifty hand-made, designed with care, announcements. Every single letter glued on individually. Crazy, maybe just a tad. However, they turned out looking pretty cute if we do say so ourselves. Each one was designed to hold a 4 by 6 picture. We used photo corners, so the picture can easily be taken off the announcements and kept. So we would like to make an announcement!!! Ok, ok. We would like to show you the announcements already made!









So, there is the front and back. Simple, elegant, and honestly the pictures just don’t do it justice. By the way that is a picture of Bacardi. We have no pictures of the baby, and it just doest look right without a picture!!

Well here’s the thing about announcements, they need a cute way to transport them. We went with our recycled box. Well we didn’t make the box completely. We cheated a bit. We covered an old shoe box. Worked well, and made a cute holder for our announcements! Hopefully our customer agrees! Congrats on a beautiful new baby girl! Best of luck!!









Hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday!!!


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