Cheap Travel Kit For The Car!

I’m still in my organizing mode and am using the web for some inspiration. One blog that I found that I enjoy reading is Coordinate Kate. I absolutely love this particular idea! I hope that Kate will not mind me “Reblogging” her post. This is also a great gift idea! It has nothing to do with me organizing the crap out of our apartment (literally…well not literal crap because that would be gross! but crap as in junk). Thanks anyhow to Kate for her great posts! I’m thinking I might attempt to persuade her to make a guest post about organizing!

Coordinated Kate

I have this weird reoccurring dream that I’m driving through a desert like setting at night and my car breaks down. Don’t ask me why! I don’t think there are any desert-like roads in New Jersey but for some reason I still think my nightmare is relevant – Hahaa! That nightmare is the reason I always keep a few necessities in the car at all times. Remember those $.97 storage boxes I told you about last week in my Organizing on a Budget #4? Well that’s what I’ve used to put my kit together.

My kit includes:

– Toilet paper, because you never know when you’ll have to go. I know this all too well. But that’s another story!

-Small first-aid kit

-Bottle of ibprofen

-Pack of Wet Ones wipes that are on sale this week at Target for $1, by the way.

-Small bottles of shampoo & conditioner

-A mini lint roller. I…

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