Move over glue bottle, scrapbooks need safer adhesive!

Lately, I’ve noticed most of our posts have been about completed projects, how to make certain projects, or just pictures of projects. Today, I thought I would make a post about an important tip for paper crafting.

So, when thinking about the most important tool for scrapbooking what comes to mind? Is it paper? Embellishments? Cricut? Spellbinder? Cuttlebug? Those tools are all very helpful, but one tool that comes to mind that is almost always needed, adhesive. How are you going to get your pretty ideas to stick together if you don’t have something to hold them together?

So here is my tip of the day:

TIP: Make sure when scrapbooking to use an adhesive that says Acid Free/Photo safe!

There are plenty of different options too. Lately, I have fallen in love with my Tape Glider. It is amazing! It took me awhile to get the hang of using it. I had to learn to load it the right way, so it wasn’t always coming undone, but once I did we became fast friends.

I used to use Scotch double-sided tape for everything. The problem is, it doesn’t last very long. I was constantly buying new rolls, and going through it like crazy. The little adhesive rollers are also nice, but they also run out quickly. This tape seems to last the longest for me. The refill rolls are 10 bucks for two rolls at Michael’s. Make sure you have a forty or, if you’re lucky like I was, a 50 percent off coupon!

I also, for things that tape just won’t work, use the Elmer’s Extra Strength strong hold glue stick! Also photo safe! Quick easy, and really has a nice hold.

For pictures I want to be able to remove later I always use the photo corners. I prefer the clear ones, because they don’t change the dynamic of a page I am working on! They were perfect for the announcements we made recently!

For embellishments or to add a slight dimension to a page I like to use glue dots. Again, I am partial to the Elmers selection. They have been the easiest, and cheapest to use. They are also nice because they come in a variety of sizes!

When I want things to pop off of the page I like to use the foam adhesive! It adds a dimension to the page, and really makes things pop!

Who would have thought adhesive was so important to a scrapbook project? Back in Elementary school there was the option between glue bottle and glue stick. Now there are so many options, pick the ones that work the best for you! Just remember to make sure they are Acid Free/Photo Safe. No ruined pictures please!!!

For now, until something better comes out I will stick with my new choice of the Scotch Tape Glider. Maybe I am just partial to the fact it is pink? No it def. has to work well for me to want to use it. No slowing down around here when there are projects to be finished!!

Let me know what types of adhesives you like using for your projects!!

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