Creativity: Money as gift!

So, sometimes I struggle with buying birthday presents. My biggest problem being I hate giving gift cards/money.  My biggest pet peeve being it just seems so impersonal. It’s like saying; sorry I don’t really know you, take the cash and buy what you would like. Well here’s the thing, people do take their cash and buy what they want, which leaves others struggling for gift ideas.  This time my gift choice wasn’t much of a struggle considering the entire list I was given was a gift card for somewhere. Oh, and the movie Jaws. (This list is from an 11 year old, and the mom vetoed Jaws). So, of course my options were really quite simple; go down the list and decide which gift card seemed more appealing. (I really did try to think of some other ideas, but I’m telling you 11 year old boys have everything, and want only the important things, MONEY)! Well, since I went with the gift card route I decided to add a little creativity to it. Of course me being me, I couldn’t just hand over a gift card in the plain white envelope, way too easy.  So I did what any creative person would do and I got on Pinterest, OF COURSE. Where I came across this cute idea, and started to get to work..Inspiration !

So, I started with this……

And this is where I ended up.







Now, I’m sure you are wondering where the gift card comes in… Well I taped the envelope to the bottom, and wrote a note on the last dollar… Just in case you were trying to count the number of bills, of course I had to go with 11, his age!!

Well that’s all the creativity I have for now!!

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