September: Wednesday Free Giveaway!!

I’ve been asking myself recently where the month of September has gone. One minute it was here, and the next minute, I’m down to one week left. It has been a busy month. There were announcements to be made, birthdays to be had, and of course the first event! Things seem to be moving smoothly along.

As promised there would be a monthly drawing, on some Wednesday, in every month. Nothing like celebrating the middle of the week! Seeing as there are only two Wednesday’s left it is important to get the announcement out this week so there can be a drawing next week.

This month our free giveaway is a Happy Halloween sign! It’s just a small little plaque that could be hung on a door knob, on a wall, or anywhere you need an extra decoration for Halloween! The edges have an orange glitter ribbon border running around it. The ribbon it hangs by says Happy Halloween! Fun, easy, and best of all FREE!!!


Remember, leave a comment and you’re automatically entered to win the free giveaway!! We will draw the winner next Wednesday!! Good luck to all!!

Whew!! Just barely making the Wednesday cut off!!!

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