Love Thy Hobby, Proudly Wears Orange!!

ORANGE! ORANGE! ORANGE!!! The color in all my crafting this week, and this time not for a fall decoration! September is Blood Cancer Awareness month. Two years ago I started a journey with a young girl that has taught me the power of determination. I wish I had half the fight in my body as my good friend Tatum has. At four years old she had to go through surgery, spinal taps, constant doctor visits, chemo, steroids, and the list just goes on and on. I cringe to think of the things she has gone through.

Not to dwell, on a positive note in celebration of September being Blood Cancer Awareness month I can’t think of anything better than to celebrate! After a two year journey my good friend Tatum has finally finished Chemo! Today was the last day, and I can’t be happier for her!!! She can now start a new journey of being: a roll in the dirt, go to the movies, and have friends over six year old girl!!

Which brings me to the orange. Orange is the color for Leukemia Awareness, and the Theme of  party I will soon be attending! Oh and helping decorate!! So I suggest staying tuned this week to see some of the things going on!

I will def. be breaking out the orange this week!!!

Keep close for updated project pictures!!!

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