Smart Phone Crafting

Believe it or not, your smart phone can be a great tool for crafting. Nowadays, you can find an app for just about everything.  You want to learn a foreign language? There’s an app for that! Are you on a diet and need to count calories? There’s an app for that too.  With everything that’s available out there, why not use your phone for crafting? Let’s look at 5 ways to use your smart phone to help you with crafts:

  1. SAVE MONEY: Saving money on crafts can be as easy as downloading an app on your smart phone. There are a number of apps that are available that offer coupons and alerts on sales. Major craft stores like Michael’s and Jo-Ann have apps that offer coupons that can be used in the store. All you need to do to redeem the coupon is pull it up on your phone when you are checking out, show it to the cashier, and they can scan it off of your phone to apply the discount. Your smart phone is also a great tool for comparing prices. If you are at one of your favorite craft stores but want to check if you are getting the best price, there’s an app for that! There is an application that allows you to scan the bar code of an item and it searches the web to see if that item is offered at a lower price somewhere else.
  2. EARN MONEY: Yes, there are apps out there designed to help you sell your crafts as well. As always, you should do as much research as possible before signing up for any website or program. Make sure you know exactly what fees are associated and how it works. You might find that it won’t be worth the effort or you might find that it works for you. If you already have a shop, it is worth the time to search whether they have an app. You can then enjoy the convenience of managing your account on the go!
  3. LEARN AND GET INSPIRED: There are apps available that instruct you on how to make certain projects; whether sewing, crocheting, or general craft making. In addition to step-by-step instructions, you can use project ideas to inspire your own projects. Add things or leave something out to make it your own and put your own spin on it.
  4. SHARE: Snap a picture and share it with your friends and fellow crafting enthusiasts. With your phone you can share your projects or ideas on your favorite social networking or craft sites. Many blogging sites also have apps, which allow you to make posts no matter where you are!
  5. STAY ORGANIZED: Your smart phone is a great organization tool. A calendar or note feature can aid in time-saving and time management (even for day-to-day tasks).  A calendar feature can help you keep track of a craft date with a friend or a special event that you want to remember. I personally have an app that allows me to make different lists – I’m a big list person. I usually juggle multiple projects so I keep track of them with a list. Save time and extra trips to the store by keeping your shopping lists on your phone. It is also environmentally friendly by saving on the use of paper.

Take some time and look into the apps that are out there. You might find a few that are useful to you. As you might have noticed, I tried not to mention any specific apps by name. I did this on purpose so to avoid endorsing one over another. Like I said, do a little research on which apps interest you. Many are free or inexpensive to purchase. Have you come across any specific apps that you love to use?

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