Amazing Orange Party

The orange party was amazing! Great people, great atmosphere, great food, and one amazing little girl!! There really is nothing better than being able to party with Tatum. She has had a long two years, but she has shown many that a positive attitude is the way to go!! Kick butt Tatum!!  This post is going to be full of photos. I created the guest book for the party, with help of my good friend Nancy we made the candle centerpieces, I also made two hanging signs, and a couple of other signs that were hung up around the party. Along with pics of those things: I will also add some pictures from the rest of the decorations for the orange party. So AWESOME!!! Let’s begin with the guest book. I started the first few pages to make it look like an actual book. Here is the front cover:











The  cancer cannot do poem, the proudly wear orange, and the leukemia survivor pictures were all found on google, but I didn’t find an author for any of them. The little picture that says poem inside, I tried to take a picture of the poem inside, but it didn’t work. So here is the poem that is inside. I wrote this poem for Tatum:

Tatum Kicked It!

Her journey, her strength, and complete determination

I will always look at with the upmost admiration.

Just four years old when given the devastating news,

Everyone rushing trying to figure out what to do.

One phone call sent everyone rushing in panic

Moving quickly and becoming quite frantic.

One, however, knew how to stay strong

Even while others prayed the answers were wrong.

A.L.L. Leukemia pushed its ugly head in

That nasty word, cancer, was hoping for a win.

Too bad for cancer, it picked the wrong opponent

That four year old had some very strong components.

She knew how to fight and wasn’t about to give in

Two coaches for parents, she knew how to win.

Strength, hope, faith, and some great doctors too

All combined together to do what they had to do.

The fighting is done, the chemo, no more

That strong little girl is no longer four.

As two years have passed, she’s grown stronger everyday

I love nothing more than watching her laugh and play.

And as I look for a closing line, the perfect fit

I end by saying, heck yeah, Tatum kicked it!

Ok, that is it for the guest book!! It seemed to be a big hit at the party, I saw lots of people enjoying looking at the pictures, and leaving their own special message for Tatum inside.  I stamped all the writing pages in the right hand corner with an orange ribbon! Perfect space for writing!!!

Here are the pictures of some of the other things I made for the party:

Thank you Nancy for helping me tie the bows around the candle centerpieces! They looked amazing on the tables with the water bottles around them!!!

Here are some pictures of the rest of the orange decorations that were at the party that I thought were just too cute not to show! Including a cute way to do a sweet orange candy table!!!

The party was great!!! Everyone had a wonderful time!! If you’re interested in seeing some more pics check out our Facebook Page!! Don’t forget to like our page!!!

Happy Sunday everyone!!!

One thought on “Amazing Orange Party

  1. Sally Elston says:

    And I think you are awesome!!! You did a beautiful job on the party and I know it was done with LOVE! I am so glad for Tatum and her family and friends. Glad also that you had a great time. I saw the orange shoes and my first thought was how thoughtful of Liz. I think she really loves you and you should be proud to have her for a sister.

    See you soon. Love you Grams


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