Saving on Crafts

Let’s be honest with ourselves…crafting can get expensive! The tools and products that we use are not always budget friendly. Luckily, there are ways to keep our craft costs down.

  • Use coupons! As you all know, I am an advocate for coupons. Why not use this free money? Discount or money off coupons saves you money! Keep that extra money in your pocket and use coupons whenever you can.
  • Shop clearance! Regardless of the reason I go into a store, if I have time, I take a stroll down the clearance section. You never know what type of deal will be available, so don’t miss out. Shopping clearance can also including shopping at thrift stores where you can find great deals on items.
  • Comparison shop! If you are not is desperate need of an item, shop around. You might find another store is offering the same item at a cheaper price. Also, take advantage of stores that price match. Save yourself a trip by showing the cashier that you found the same item at another store for a better price.
  • Trade! If you have too much of a certain item, then trade with a friend. Swapping excess products with others can free up space and save you money.
  • Borrow! Similar to trading, borrowing can save big bucks.  Borrow tools that you don’t absolutely need to have in your personal inventory.

These are a few things that I find that help me to keep my costs down but I would love to hear your tricks!

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