Where’s all the cute blue!?

Here’s my predicament: shopping for scrapbook materials for a little boy’s scrapbook is almost as difficult as finding cute clothes for baby boys. Why is it so difficult to find cute boy products? When going to Hobby Lobby, because all of their paper is 50 percent off, I know crazy good deal right!! I love 50 percent off deals. Anyway, back to my problem, going down the big paper pad aisle, there was one, count it, one pad of paper made specifically for a baby boy. At least four surrounding it for baby girls. Just doesn’t seem fair to me.

The realization that I had no baby boy scrapbook material came to me when I was making the mini photo albums. I went through my paper and came up with two. No exaggeration, two pieces of paper, that would fit well for a baby boy. I couldn’t believe all of the different patterned papers I own and I could only find two that would fit for a little boy. When putting together the mini photo albums. I thought, oh, this is perfect I have so much paper I wont have any problem.  Yep, not so much.

Well I used my two pieces for those two scrapbooks, and then made a good decision to check out Hobby Lobby. Now, I love both Hobby Lobby and Michael’s for my craft needs, but I have to give credit to Hobby Lobby for their paper selection. There is a much better paper selection at Hobby Lobby as compared to Michael’s. I’m just saying.


Yep, those were my two papers. Now I have much more paper to work with!! So I think I will try making my first ever baby boy scrapbook! I know crazy right!? All the scrapbooks I’ve made and never a baby boy one! Well time to change that!!!


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