Flip it! For the Boy!!

So, as promised I decided to work on a scrapbook for a boy. Only I have been thinking of different fun ways to make scrapbooks and wanted to try out some different ideas. I have been watching a few Youtube videos on different scrapbook ideas, and I started putting my own twist on things.

I started with two 8 by 11 pieces of cardstock, placed side by side horizontally. I then folded it into thirds.

Here is what the book looks like closed~


When you pull the ribbon down and open the left flap of the book this is what you see.


On the right side there is another 8 by 11 sheet of paper folded vertically into thirds.  When you open the ribbon this is what you see.

On the right flap there is room for 2, 2×2 photos, the left flap just has embellishments, and in the middle there is a pull out book that can fit up to 8 , 4×6 photos or 4 4×6 with journaling on the back, or 4 4×6 without journaling on the back. Lots of different options.

On the right side there is a pocket, that also has a pull out book, this one can fit 8 4×6 pictures with/without journaling or 16 4×6 pictures. this is what the pocket looks like.


When you flip the page that holds the pocket  up this is what you see~


On the left hand side that little page flips up. It has room for three 4×6 pictures.


The middle also has a large flip up, the front can also hold one 4×6 picture.

Where underneath has another book that pulls out, and can hold either 8 4×6 pictures with/without journaling, or 16 4×6 pictures.

Depending on if you prefer to journal, if you want pictures on the front and back of the books, depends on the amount of pictures that can be placed in the book.

It could be

41 4×6 pictures

2 2×2 pictures

3 4×4 pictures

For a total of 46 pictures! Not bad for a constructed flip book!


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