28 Days until Christmas!

Congratulations! You have survived the Thanksgiving holiday and Black Friday shopping! I hope that everyone has had an enjoyable holiday. I actually traveled to South Bend for a few days. No Black Friday shopping for me though. I just don’t get into that. I cannot currently think of anything that I need to stand in long lines in the cold for. No thanks! Today is Cyber Monday though…I might look around and see if anything catches my eye. After work of course 😉

With Thanksgiving in the rear view, Christmas is ahead. Only 28 days to go! With that in mind, I just wanted to put up some pics of my most recently completed project. I finished 3 aprons for a friend of mine who has two little girls. I am warning you now…my pictures suck! I could take the time to explain why but I’m sure it won’t matter! lol Just know that it is not my best work! lol


So I didn’t notice until just now that I took 2 pictures of the same apron. BLAH! The other little girl’s apron looks the same except the initial is H and it is a little smaller. I did not use any pattern. I just made it up as I went along. It probably made my life more difficult but it worked out in the end. I also made a half apron for my friend with the same fabrics. Sorry, I do not know the names of the fabrics. I bought them from Wal-Mart and the brown is actually ribbon that I got out of the $1 bin at Michael’s.

The first picture is one of the holiday decorations that we made and displayed at our most recent events. I’m going to work on getting more pictures up. Because remember…28 days until Christmas! We have some great options for gifts!

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