Let’s Personalize That!

This year I took a crafting approach to Christmas gifts. I wanted gifts that were more personal than something I could just pick up at any store. So my sister found some great ideas on Pinterest for little girls.

One was making a head band holder out of an oatmeal container. Simple as could be. You rip the paper right off with no problems, and paint the container any color you want to paint it. I choose pink to match Tatum’s room. I will mention, it took quite a few layers of paint. I think I was up to five total times before I was satisfied I couldn’t see lines anymore. Afterwards I threw some modge podge on and gave it a nice little shine. on the lid I cut a circle out of card stock and decorated the top, and put ribbon around the bottom, and viola the headband holder is complete!

Nothing better than a few new headbands and a nice place to put them! I also have always wanted to try and make a place where Tatum can hold all of the hair clips she likes to wear. I saw this wood frame at Michael’s and knew it was the perfect fit! I painted it, added some gems to the ends, which I know are hard to see, and put the three columns of ribbon in the middle. Added some cute clips, and another great present to fit the theme this year. (Hair Care) Now that her hair is finally growing back in, I thought it was important to have some new great things for her hair!

For her parents I also made a little gift! I had no idea what to get for them so I figured I knew something that could be used whenever they felt the need. This is the idea I came up with!



For my friend Maddie I went with a dry erase board. I used a regular picture frame, size 11×14 and some decorated card stock. I had some extra wine corks laying around so I decided they would work perfectly for an added cork board on my message board! Super fun, easy, and something that will def. get some use. Add a little ribbon for hanging and you that’s the easiest message center ever!

maddies frame

Well there you have it the list of all my handmade Christmas gifts!!

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