Baby Shower Fun!

So this weekend was a busy weekend! Jenny, a friend of mine is getting ready to have a beautiful baby girl! Hopefully a great Valentine’s present, even though she’s hoping it comes before that. This weekend a group, that I consider my second family, threw her an awesome baby shower at Nancy’s house. Nancy, is like the group leader, her house has brought a group of friends together that has grown to be as close as a family.

Saturday was spent making the famous diaper cake! It turned out absolutely adorable, and thanks to my sister Liz’s amazing elephant topper it was a big highlight of the party. Of course, after we had the cake together we thought about the fact we should have done a step by step tutorial. Sorry, with all of the excitement I do not have a tutorial for that. What I will tell you is, it is super easy, and if you are interested in the exact step by step instructions on how we built the cake, please email me. I will be happy to send you the directions!

Here are some pictures of the intense concentration it took, along with three people, to get the stickers to look almost centered. I was so frustrated with those stinking stickers by the end. The swirl design made it difficult to make the three letters look evenly spaced.



Kayla obviously didn’t think I could handle it on my own! So she steps in!Caroline of course is the resident supervisor. No one can get in Kayla’s way when she is on a mission!

Here is a picture of the final result. Still not satisfied with the letters, but over all I think the diaper cake came out absolutely adorable. Not to mention I can’t even tell you the amount of fun had that night. There probably has never been so many laughs ever when making a diaper cake as we had. I tell you we should def. have our own show we would have people cracking up all the time!!


Look at that elephant so darn cute you just can’t stand it!

One thing I just had to have for the dad to be, who was feeling a tad left out, a Dad’s Doody Kit. Every dad must be equip with something as awesome. It came with tongs, goggles, and a nose clip for the diaper changing experience. Along with Advil and a beer, of course those two can be used after the diaper changing experience, and there were two Snickers candy bars, because it is important that the dad reward himself for a job well done!! I wish Kaylon the best with the baby girl when she gets here! I imagine it will take about 2.6 seconds for him to become completely wrapped around her little finger! Best of Luck!


It wouldn’t be a gift from me without a little scrapbook! Since Nancy bought Jenny the 12 month stickers to take a picture each month I thought she would need a little place to put them, so I made a little paper scrapbook for her!

baby girl 2

baby girl

And just because there was a lot of fun had at the party, and quite a few cute pictures, here are a few more pictures from the party!



And I think this picture sums up everything. Thanks to Kayla’s quick thinking Nancy has this saying in her house, and it just fit the theme of a baby shower too well!! Life Happens!!!! Enjoy and as always I hope everyone is crafting away!!!


Congrats Jenny and Kaylon! I can’t wait to meet your beautiful little girl!!! One month to go as of today!!!!!!

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