Project Sunday!

So, today I was doing some cleaning,and I kept passing through the kitchen, and every time I did I just kept looking at this big blank white wall. Now, the wall hasn’t always been blank, in fact, there used to be some cute little pictures and sayings that hung up there, but for reasons I would rather not disclose, they have been taken down, and not put back up.

However, as I was cleaning in the kitchen today I realized that disorganization has become the norm. We have a table in the corner, and a kitchen table that were both littered with mail, junk and important. Which leads to the next problem. The junk and important mail just happened to be scattered together, and will likely end up missing. Even though I wouldn’t mind a bill or two missing I don’t think those particular companies would agree with me.

So then I started forming this idea that I have all this extra wall space I should make some kind of mail center there so all the mail is sorted and organized, and the papers won’t be lost. Seems like a good idea for some blank space. So tomorrow I think I will spend some time trying to come up with a plan for what I think will work best.

This is the space I have to work with…..

project sunday

project sunday 2

Any ideas on how to make a cute organized mail center, or some other cute ideas for the space are welcomed!! Hopefully a great idea will come to me early so I can get the project finished before I have to go back to work on Tuesday!

I will keep you posted with what I come up with. If you send me some ideas maybe you will see them incorporated!!!

Have a wonderful Saturday night, and stay tuned for how Project Sunday goes!!!

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