Mission Organize Paper Mess Complete!

So, my mission Sunday became a mission Sunday and Monday. Here is my problem, when I get a picture in my head it is nearly impossible for me to waiver from the design in my head. Sunday I spent most of my time trying to figure out the best way to organize the incoming mail. With four of us living in the house, at times the kitchen table starts to look like a mail distribution center. So not good! I ended up choosing some neat wall holders from Target. I was in luck because when I was looking online I really liked them and was going to end up buying two since each one only had two pockets. Unfortunately, or maybe in this case fortunately, because I like the new look better, I learned the holders I wanted were being discontinued. 😦 Major bummer!! I went back online today at Target so I could get the link to show you the holders, but when they said they were discontinuing they weren’t lying. They were already off their site. Luckily for me I was able to get one of the holders I was looking for, and ended up getting two smaller holders from the same company. It worked out better for me because I feel like it helped the look on the wall.

These are the mail holders:

best wall 3

What do you think??

The blackboard I found at the Christmas Tree Shop. Another favorite store of mine.

I wrote the quote on it (in chalk of course)

Menu Choices:
1. Take it
2. Leave it

I’m really happy with the layout on the mail wall. I found a cute little quote (also at the Christmas Tree Shop)
That says: Home is where your story begins….Love it and it only cost me six bucks. Typically I would say this frame could easily be made, but for the cost it wasn’t worth making it! I know, I’m all about crafting, but once in a while your creativity has to be in the purchase!

The next step to organization is surrounded around the magnetic calendar board! I got it on sale at Target for eight dollars! Much better than the typical calendar that will need to be replaced every year, plus we can write on it, and change things, as life changes. Because let’s face it, in life, sometimes appointments change! The frames around the calendar, coordinate with the days of the week on the calendar. I purchased the 5 x 7 frames at the dollar store, added the day of the week to a colored scrapbook paper, and bam instant dry erase boards for specific days! There is also a wooden frame to the far right that has a magnetic strip at the top and cork at the bottom. It is currently being used as a place to keep the ongoing grocery list! Now the next step to making the grocery list, remembering to take it with us, and actually following it!!!

wall three

I also made the mini frame at the top of the calendar wall that says: Home is where the heart is! Love that saying and I had a big heart cake pan that helped complete the look!

While I was going for organization, I also wanted something that I would like looking at, and would flow nicely together. I found a three-tier candle holders that fit in a tiny straight space, and another frame with multiple sayings at the Christmas Tree Shop that all completed the look I was going for.

wall two

So the mission is complete. I succeeded in organizing the paper mess, and set up a nice calendar area that will def. be used!! Along with finding some great pieces that worked nicely together, I made a blank wall look more homey and friendly!!

Here is the complete result:

wall one

To see the before click here.

The whole project was a great way to spend a couple of cold FREEZING days!! We had a snow day today, and I can’t help but hope another one comes tomorrow. Snow days always seem to be the most productive!!!

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