Going…Going… Gone…Giftbasket

Sometimes it is hard for me to understand why everyone seems to think the more the gift costs the more the gift means. In a time when money is tight I think above all, gifts should come with a lot of thought. When I was thinking about the best going away present for a friend a lot of things came to mind. However, the one I considered the most important: PERSONAL CARDS. It’s sad to me that sending a card in the mail has become almost nonexistent. I always loved getting a cute card in the mail. So I decided to make her some cards because I knew she would have a lot of family back home to keep in touch with!

2013-04-25_22-24-02_52 2013-04-25_22-24-47_796 2013-04-25_22-25-26_593

I put the cards into a gift basket.

. 2013-04-25_22-22-16_426

Items in the gift basket:

Reese: Something to snack on for the long trip.

Tissues: Just incase she was too emotional about leaving.

Ibuprofen: Incase she gets a headache after moving in with her boyfriend!

Address Notebook: Old school way of keeping track of all the addresses she left behind.

Cupcake notes: Just thought it was too cute not to add.

Pens: Needed for all the writing.

Ice Cream cups: Because everyone knows ice cream is the most important!!!


Making the move to another state is never easy. Knowing that you have friends that will miss you and keep in touch; priceless!

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