Live, Laugh, GROW!!

Pinterest always has awesome ideas that I wish I had more time to work on. It is also the best place to go when you have an idea in mind, but need some help figuring out just what you want to do. I knew I had a bottle that I wanted to paint, I wanted to try using a little up-cycling in my newest project.. I also knew that I wanted to paint the bottle. I decided the bottle would make a perfect gift for my mom for Mother’s Day. A win/win for me. She gets an awesome present, and I get to try something new and different. I was originally going to try using the hot glue gun and writing words then spray painting over it. However, my handwriting isn’t the best when using a pen, so I wasn’t sure the hot glue gun was the best approach. I didn’t have spray paint, so I used acrylic. My best advice here: layer, with plenty of dry time in between. I ended up doing three layers of paint, but I made sure there was at least 45 minutes dry time in between. This gave me plenty of time to work on the card for Mother’s Day, do some cleaning, and work on a few other things in between. I always like having more than one thing going when it comes to a project that needs time to dry! I decided to use stickers for my words, and Modge Podged over them. I don’t know if this was the best approach or if it will hold, what I do know is it gave it a nice shine, and looks awesome. My biggest problem was getting a  bit impatient to see what my flowers would look like in the vase and ended up not waiting for the Modge Podge to dry long enough. Now I have a little streak where the water dripped over the side of the bottle. NOTE: DO NOT rush dry time! Guess I should have been looking for another project to do while waiting!!! Anyway, here is the finished project:


2013-05-12_10-21-40_656 2013-05-12_10-22-40_834

For different ideas I suggest checking out Pinterest, I typed in painted glass bottles in their search engine….. It gives you a starting point and plenty of great ideas to check out and try!

For all of the Mothers out there I wish you a very happy Mother’s Day!!

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