Birthday Sucks?

So, I have this problem where I buy things then don’t use them for their intended purpose. Yes, I’m a bit of a hoarder. The big difference being, what I buy will eventually get used, not left to sit and rot in a huge pile of junk! Have no fear you don’t have to report me to any tv shows, yet! Anyway, I’ve always wanted to have some cute potted plants on my front porch. So I went out and bought a terra cotta pot, or two. 🙂 Then never bought the flowers to put in the pots. I know huge fail. Well it worked out to my advantage anyway because I ended up using the pot to make a cute holder for a birthday present. My friend Lindsey has always liked the Charms suckers, so this year for her birthday I bought her some, and then put them in the cute little pot. I ended up painting the pot white, with a pink top, and added a sparkly ribbon. Sometimes you just need a little sparkle. I also added pink polka dots, with the help of a little circle sponge, and a cute little sign that said, 26 sucks! I used Styrofoam in the bottom and covered it with pink tissue paper to stick the suckers into.  Turned out to be a cute success!


birthday sucks (2)

TIP: If you are going to paint the terra cotta pot, make sure you have a sealer around. It helps give the paint a nice shine. Otherwise it looks a little dull and the paint might easily start chipping off!!

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