I’ve lost my way and NEED to get back!

Happy New Year!

2014 is here! However, my excuses for not writing are gone. I am officially a married woman now. Exciting?…Yes! Different?…Kinda Definitely! 🙂 I never know how to answer the general questions that people ask. How’s married life? Is anything different? My smart-aleck responses are generally: “Married life is still life.” and “Yes. My last name as well as marital status is different.”  I cannot help myself some times. I mean no harm! I just think that it is funny that these are two of the first questions people ask after you get married. I will admit that I’ve done it to other newlyweds that I know. Curious minds want to know if you have any instant regrets I guess. (I’m cracking myself up right now.)

Time to point out the obvious —> I have not written any blog posts in a ridiculously long time.  Can I say that I have several extremely creative excuses? Well I do! I was planning a wedding. That is hands down the BEST excuse. Trust me! I would not lie. I have plenty of projects, pictures, and stories to share about the many months of blogging I did not do. I cannot resist the urge to get back to writing and crafting. I NEED IT! So, for 2014 I have resolved to catch up with all of the posts that I want to share. I normally don’t make New Years resolutions so let’s hope this works out.  

I would love to hear some of you resolutions and how you plan to keep them. 

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