DIY Sofa Table for Under $30

I am so excited about this latest project that I have to post about it.  I know I still need to get on the wedding posts but this was too much fun to not share right away.  I’ve been on a redecorating kick.  Unfortunately for him, my husband has been roped in to assist. I figure since we will be in this apartment for at least another year, why not make the most of it? So I didn’t care for the lighting situation in our living room space so that is the first to change.  WARNING: the quality of the pictures are not the best because I did them on my phone (lesson learned!). I did not take a real “before” photo which would show the floor lamp in the corner but here is the corner:

Empty Corner

After we decided on the dimensions that we wanted to use we went to Home Depot for supplies.  Let me just say that once we found someone to help us, the Home Depot guy was super helpful!  He walked through the project with us, helped select the wood, and made the cuts for us. 


We ended up using a 1×8 piece for the top and 4 square dowels for the legs.  We did not want to go super fancy since the table won’t really be seen so we stuck to basics.   We used Minwax Wood Finish Jacobean color stain. We chose  sponge brushes for applying the stain.  Initially we bought some wood screws that were too small so the screws in the picture are not actually what we used.  We settled on an all purpose construction screw – mainly because that is what we could find on the late night trip to Walmart.  


We attached the dowels with wood glue first.


Then we screwed the top down.  To avoid splitting the top, Hubby drilled a small hole before drilling in the screw.  Now that I think about it, it is possible that Hubby only helped me with this project because it gave him a chance to use his power tools.  I’ll have to ask about that!  As you can see, the screws are black.  I did not mind this because I figured that it would blend with the stain color and add a little character to the top. 

Staining 2 Staining 1

We put a couple of coats of stain on it and let it dry.  I absolutely LOVE how it came out.  It fits the space perfectly and looks great! 

Finished Corner

I just threw the plant and picture frame on the table for the picture.  I have not decided if I will leave them there or not.  My favorite part about this project?  The price tag!! Cost of supplies: $29.43.  Love it!

Finished Corner 2

I have plans for every room in this apartment so there is much more to be done!


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