Preserving Bridal Bouquet


Bridal Bouquet

I loved my wedding day and SO many things about it.  One of my favorite things were the bouquets for the bridal party, especially mine!  It is so entertaining to shock people when I tell them that we did not pay for a florist.  I follow that up by saying our flowers came from the local Kroger grocery store.  WHAT?!?  Seriously people, we were on a budget.  They came out very well.  My two best friends, Hannah and Latresa were so fantastic with their help with the wedding.  We stripped and bundled the flowers the night before the wedding.  For the four bridesmaids’ bouquets, we used 6 red roses each and banded them with white ribbon.

Bridesmaid Bouquet

For my bouquet, we used 2 dozen white roses.  We used the same white ribbon around it but added a little gray and white pattern ribbon.  We staggered the heights of each stem to give the bouquet a nice shape.

Bouquet detail

To my bouquet I tied a couple of blue beads and an earring that belonged to my grandmother Juanita.  My mother let me borrow that piece so that I could carry her with me.

Old and Blue

No one at the wedding knew that we did these flowers ourselves.  We saved a great deal of money by cutting out the florist.  I had received quotes in the range of $250-$450.  Unfortunately, I cannot tell you the exact amount that we paid for the flowers because I cannot remember.  I can, however, tell you that it was less than $100.  I will dig through my stack of receipts and see if I can find the exact amount.


As I was saying…I loved my bouquet so I wanted to hang on to it as long as possible.  After the wedding I kept it in a vase with a little water.  I was shocked at how long the flowers stayed beautiful and un-wilted.  I searched on the internet on what to do to preserve them.  I did not want to buy any of the chemical kits out there mostly because I did not want to pay for them.  Again…BUDGET!  I read about hanging the flowers upside down to let them dry out.  I did not want to take the bouquet apart or risk damaging the flowers so I did not hang them.  I did however stop adding fresh water to the  vase.  My thought was that it would dry them out and somewhat maintain the shape.  It worked but of course the flowers are fragile afterward.  Yesterday I took a little trip to Michaels and bought an acrylic box to hold them.  Yes, I realize that it is now March and we were married in November — don’t judge me!  I scored big at Michaels though because they had a Buy One Get One Free sale on all shadow box frames and display cases.  I place my newest project on top of a bookcase that is in our bedroom and flanked it with a couple of monogram candles that we had.

Bouquet Case2

I cut the excess length of the stems so that it would fit in the box.  I then, very carefully, shoved it in the box.  Seriously, it took me 15 minutes to get it in the box!  The petals did not like what I was doing and they did not want to cooperate.  It was a delicate process and I almost burst into tears a few times but I got it done.

Bouquet Case

Hubby told me that it came out better than he expected it would when I told him the game plan.  So, I will call it a win!  I will keep it as long as it allows.  I am not sure what will happen to it now that it is enclosed and cut off from its unlimited supply of oxygen.  I hope that it won’t crumble.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!!

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