Planning to Travel


We are taking this show on the road! A few days ago I booked flights for my hubby and I to go on a trip to celebrate our one-year anniversary. Needless to say, it is crazy how fast this first year has gone. We never went on a honeymoon so we want to make the most out of this trip. We want to make the most without spending the most! Obviously!

My theme for planning this vacation: Making the most without breaking the bank.

So, I began by signing up for price alerts on flights and got a wonderfully awesome deal on our tickets. I started out stalking sites every night after work to check prices. Then I got smart, signed up for alerts and hit the jackpot. My goal is to continue to get great deals and save as much money as possible. While I want us to have a great time, I don’t want us to get in over our head. The name of the game will be to stay realistic and plan to have a great plan. That’s where I am at now. I’m researching and planning so that we can minimize surprise expenses.

I know that traveling is a hobby for a lot of people. I don’t think that we have enough extra time and money to make it a frequent hobby, but I’m excited to go on this trip.  I’m up for the challenge to plan out first big vacation while staying within our budget.

What travel advice do you have to share?

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