Planning to Travel: Booking the Cruise!

Flights are booked! Now what?

To be more correct, I should say then what since I have done this already. Alright, so we have tickets. Next on my list? Book our cruise. Yes, we decided to go on a cruise. No, neither of us have been on one. So, I began by doing some research. To make a long story short, I looked at what options were available based on when we wanted to go and decided on which sounded the most fun and feasible.

Our decision:

Cruise Map

Miami to Key West to Nassau, Bahamas!

The internet is a wonderful thing. With that being said, I was able to find a large amount of information about cruises, destinations, and the different cruise lines. It is all out there, just waiting for someone to read it. So I read it. Confident with our decision, I booked our flights. You can read about that here.

I took a similar approach when it came to finding a good deal on the cost of the cruise. I did not sign up for any alerts for the cruise though. Frankly I am not even sure that is an option. I stalked some of the common travel sites and took a mental note of their pricing trends. I waited to purchase our cabin until a couple of weeks before the departure date. This saved us over $300! No kidding! As the departure date gets closer, the cost went down. Make sense right? The cruise line wants to sell as many cabins as possible so they lower the price to attract more people. Exactly why I waited and boy did it pay off! Life lesson: Do your research, watch for trends and save yourself money!

We are flying into Miami the night before the cruise departs so I also booked us a hotel room near the port. We will be getting in pretty late so I chose a simple, inexpensive room at a well-known hotel chain. Most importantly, I made sure that the hotel provides transportation to the port.

I will be sharing more details about the sites that I booked through and the cruise line after we get back! I’m preparing my post  about the cute little travel journal I plan to use to remember all of the fun that we are going to have so watch for that soon!

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